VHL. Izhstal - Nomad 2:3
16 october

In the match between Izhstal and Nomad the team from Nur-Sultan won a strong-willed victory with the score 3:2. In the Nomads Dmitry Burakov, Valentin Razumnik and Aleksey Skabelka scored goals. Goalkeeper Vladimir Kramar blocked 27 shots on target.

The next match the team of Yuri Mihalis will hold on October 18 in Perm against Molot-Prikamye of Perm'.

Izhstal - Nomad 2:3 (1:0, 1:2, 0:1)

02:44-1:0-Makarov (Vinogradov)

26: 01-1:1-Bukhryakov (Gurin, Muratov) PP

29: 42-2:1-Lauta (Manukyan)

35:36 – 2:2 – Razumnyak (Alexandrov)


Goalkeepers: Dolganov – Kramar

Yuriy MIKHAILIS, Head Coach of Nomad

- Good game with plenty of power struggle. There was a lot of skating. We probably endured today. The opponent had many chances in the first period to score. We were patient and maybe somewhere we were lucky-the third goal. Under the gates of our opponent, striker Andrei Runov played very well - he simply blocked the visibility of the goalkeeper. I am glad that the guys endured and brought the score to victory.

Ramil SAIFULLIN, Head Coach of Izhstal HC:

- We have such a tendency, starting with the trip, that for the third game in a row we start well, create an abundance of chances, score a goal, and then there is some fear of making a mistake or something. When you can develop success, score the second and third goals, for some reason we can not do it-the implementation is poor. This fear and some dumbfounded prevent us from playing as we started. I also have this opinion that some guys in our team are not on merit for this League, they want to stay in hockey, take away from it and get something. But hockey needs to give twice as much - many do not have this. Accordingly, we conduct selection work, there will be changes. Those guys who want to "have a good time" will be removed. Let us have three or four links, but these will be guys who are ready to "fight" and who will not be ashamed to go out after the game to the fans. Of course, in the third period the game went to the goal, but we ourselves closed the visibility of the goalkeeper. Badly played.

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