Barys - Metallurg third match in figures and facts
07 march

We summarized some statistical results of the third match of ¼ finals of the Eastern Conference between Metallurg and Barys.

The main event of the last match was allowing the spectators to the stands of the Barys Arena. The team from Nur-Sultan for the first time this season held a game with such a strong support.

Jacob Lilja finally broke his goalless streak that lasted for more than a month. For the Swedish forwarder, this goal was the first in the KHL playoffs. It is noteworthy that the effective attack was built in the minority.

Linus Videll, the top scorer of Barys in the regular season, earned the first scoring point in the playoffs. It was after his pass that Lilya came up trumps.

The goalkeeper Yoni Ortio recorded 29 saves, while showing a decent percentage of reflected shots - 93.5%.

For the first time in the current playoffs, the team of Yuri Mikhailis failed to shine in the majority. The hosts had four attempts to capitalize on man-advantage, but none of them ended in a goal.

Darren Dietz again spent more than 25 minutes on the ice (25:02) – this is the best indicator among the players of both teams. Philip Varone played for 24 minutes and 24 seconds. He is also the leader in the distance covered – 5.65 km.

Roman Starchenko was the fastest player of the match. In one of the episodes, the forwarder developed a maximum speed of 36.49 km/h.

Dmitry Shevchenko threw four checks on rivals. Nobody hit more than 95th rank of Barys that evening.

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