CPRK-2019. Barys – Ak Bars 6-1
07 august

 In the opening match of the anniversary Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Barys confidently beat Kazan Ak bars.
The goalkeeper of Barys was Eddie Pasquale, and the other rookies made their debut too: Corban Knight, Iiro Pakarinen, Leonid Metalnikov, Adam Helevka and Nikita Kleschenko. Place in the lineup was received by young forward Batyrlan Muratov. 
         The beginning of the victory that marked the goal by Nikita Mikhailis scored in the 7th minute. Through several changes, former player of Barys Matt Frattin restored the balance. But before the break Barys broke into the lead – Panyiukov and Helevka famously played at the patch. 
         In the second period, Dustin Boyd, Darren Dietz and Batyrlan Muratov brought the score to a large – 6:1. For Muratov, this puck was the first in the sweater of Barys. In the third period teams ended without delivery of the puck. On Thursday Barys will play with Neftekhimik.

Barys – AK bars – 6:1 (3:1, 3:0, 0:0)

1:0 Mikhailis (Boyd) 06:39
1:1 Frattin (Azevedo, Ozhiganov) 10:35 GB
2:1 Panyiukov (Knight, Petukhov) 15:32
3:1 Helevka (Diez, Knight) 17:24 GB
4:1 Boyd (Bleker, Knight) 27:15
5:1 Diez (Pakarinen, Knight) 30:14 ГБ
6:1 Muratov (Sagadeev) 36:47

Goalkeepers: Pasquale, Reideborn, Misbakhov


Schedule and results

August 7 (Wednesday)

15:00 Neftekhimik – Avtomobilist - 1:5

19:30 Barys – Ak Bars - 5:1

August 8 (Thursday)

15:00 Ak Bars – Salavat Yulaev

19:30 Barys – Neftekhimik

August 9 (Friday)

15:00 Ak Bars – Neftekhimik

19:30 Salavat Yulaev – Avtomobilist

August 10 (Saturday)

13:00 Neftekhimik – Salavat Yulaev

17:00 Avtomobilist – Barys

August 11 (Sunday)

13:00 Avtomobilist – Ak Bars

17:00 Salavat Yulaev – Barys