Alexander Vysotsky: "We will continue to attract our students from the club system to Nomad"
26 june

- Alexander Anatolyevich, congratulations on your appointment! Do you already know who will join your coaching staff?

- Thank you. Pavel Valentinovich Glotov and Pavel Pavlovich Bessonov will assist me. They have been working in our club system for a long time and know all the necessary work-related issues.

- When will the team come out of vacation? What can you say about pre-season plans?

- We have scheduled a team meeting for July 6. Everyone will undergo a medical examination on July 7-8, and tests on July 9-10. Then on the 11th we will start training camps at Barys Arena. At the end of July and beginning of August, we have planned two final meetings with Ust-Kamenogorsk Torpedo in Nur-Sultan and Saryarka in Karaganda. At the end of August, with a favorable epidemiological situation, we will play at the pre-season tournament in Tyumen. But I want to note that these are only plans. We cannot know how the situation with the pandemic will develop further.

- Last season, Nomad engaged many young players from the club system in training and the games. Will this trend continue in the next season?

- Undoubtedly, we will continue to attract our students from the club system to Nomad. As in the previous season, the priority task of our team will be to train young and promising guys for Barys.

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