Alexander Istomin: "We hope that there will be no unforeseen circumstances"
26 june

Alexander Istomin gave his first comments after being appointed as the Head Coach of Snezhnye Barsy.

- Alexander Anatolyevich, congratulations on your appointment! Have you already managed to get to work?

- Thank you. The work never ended. Life has not stopped, even considering the difficult situation with the coronavirus. There is something to do, there is a lot of work ahead, everyone misses it. We're preparing.

- What can you say about the composition of the team for the next season?

- As practice has shown, Snezhnye Barsy has been the base team for the Kazakhstan Youth National Team for the past few years. Of course, this trend will continue, and the sports principle will come first, as well as healthy competition. There are a lot of players from the last year team. A group of graduates of our Junior Sports School born in 2002 and a group of children born in 2003 will participate in the training camp.

- You know well the nearest reserve from the Barys Junior Sports School. Are there any guys of 2003 ready to join Snezhnye Barsy?

- As I said, we will call to the training camp the guys of this age who showed themselves well last season in Zhastar KYL championship and at the Russian championship in the Strongest group. I hope they will fight for getting into the team and will put all their skills, best qualities, and a great desire to do this. Our task is to help them do this. The same applies to the children born in 2002. Healthy competition will only benefit in the education of qualified hockey players for the team of masters, Barys, and, of course, Kazakhstan National Team in the future.

- Tell us briefly about the team's immediate plans.

- The team is planning to meet on July 2. We will hold an organizational meeting. On July 3-4, we will have an in-depth medical examination. Then we start systematically preparing for the season. In mid-August, we plan to perform at the tournament in Novosibirsk, as well as hold a number of final meetings. We hope that there will be no unforeseen circumstances.

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